Tour de France: The Only Betting Guide You Need to Read

The Tour de France is, without a doubt, the biggest cycling race in the world. When this event is taking place, you can guarantee that people from all over the world are placing bets on it. If you have just got into cycling and you want to start betting on the Tour de France, then there is one thing that you need to do first and that is read the following betting guide.


You might be surprised to find out that the Tour de France is the second most watched live sporting event on the television, second only to the FIFA World Cup. Therefore, now that you know this fact, it should come as no surprise to find out that bookmakers all over the world provide odds for this sporting event. So, sign up with a reputable bookmaker that accepts players from your country of residence, and you are sure to find Tour de France betting odds when the event rolls around each year. When the Tour de France is not on and you want the latest gambling news to keep you entertained, we recommend you head on over to Here you will find news about online gambling, online casinos, and gambling regulations.


There are a couple of things that you have to think about when betting on the Tour de France; first, you need to remember that the event lasts three weeks and that the odds will update each day. Second, the different Tour de France markets that will be available. The most popular market out there is the overall winner, the cyclist that will be wearing the Yellow Jersey at the end of the 3 weeks. However, if the odds for the winner look unrewarding, there are plenty of other markets where you can get plenty of value from. You can find the most common Tour de France markets below:

Overall winner: All you have to do is try and pick the cyclist that you think will win the whole event.

Points winner: Here you are trying to predict the cyclist that will win the Points Jersey (Green), which is given to the cyclist that gains the most points in intermediate sprints and stage finishes.

Climber’s Classification: With this type of bet you are trying to predict the cyclist that will win the Climber’s Jersey (Polka Dot), which is given to the cyclist that gains the most points on King of the Mountains and mountaintop finishes.

Top three: If you are finding it hard to pick an overall winner, then this is the type of bet that you are looking for. With this bet the cyclist that you choose can finish in the top three - obviously the odds will be lower because you have a better chance of winning.

Stage winner: The Tour de France is split in 21 different stages, and with each stage you can place a bet on the cyclists that you think will win that particular stage.

Head-to-head: With this kind of bet, you choose two cyclists, and you have to pick which one will finish in a higher position. This is usually for the whole event, but there are some bookies out there that will let you place a head-to-head bet for the different stages.

At this moment in time, there is no in-play betting option for the Tour de France. However, you can place bets before a new stage begins, so you do not have to rush and place all of your bets before the event starts. By waiting you can cut out a bit of risk, but there is a downside to this and that is that the best odds are usually available at the start of the event.

When you are gambling on the Tour de France, or any event for that matter, it is always important for you to gamble responsibly. Before you start a gambling session you should set yourself a budget that you are comfortable with potentially losing and stop once that budget has been depleted. You should also set yourself a profit margin to stop at – you do not want to go on a good winning streak and then lose it all because you did not know when to stop. Never tell yourself that it is okay to spend a bit more than your budget to try and recuperate losses that you have made as this will usually just result in you losing more money.

Last modified: 25 November 2020